Provida Canine Nutri-Meal Food Sprinkle 200G

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ProVida Nutri-Meal is an all-in-one food supplement for complete overall health and wellbeing.

Vitamin A - important for overall health, but the key area of activity in Nutri-Meal is with vision, retinal function and blindness.

Beta-Carotene - is a pre-cursor for vitamin A, also important for safeguarding vision.

Vitamin D - essential for correct bone development and for safeguarding against Ricketts in young animals, and osteoperosis in senior animals.

Vitamin E - a natural anti-oxidant linked to immunity and general wellbeing. Also important for heart & muscle development. Particularly important in New Zealand as vitamin E is closely associated with selenium, and New Zealand is generally regarded as being selenium deficient.

Vitamin C - helps with general natural immunity, as well as oral hygiene and fresh breath.

Organic Zinc - essential to optimise bone & joint development, as well as being very much involved with skin, hair and nails.

DSM DHA Gold - high quality source of marine algae, providing fantastic levels of DHA Omega 3. Essential for visual development, attention, memory and cognitive/brain function. As a source of Omega 3, also plays a key role in skin & coat care, joint mobility, heart health, immune response and digestion.

Flax Seed Meal - wonderful source of dietary fibre, protein and plant Omega 3. Proven to be a pre-biotic and particularly important for optimal gastro-intestinal health, particularly for pets with anal gland issues. Retains a small amount of Flax Seed Oil which can help to improve skin & coat health.

Seaweed Meal - full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants for overall health and immunity. Also a rich source of iodine, important for maintaining glandular health.

Oligofructose & Inulin - fantastic source of functional fibre and pre-biotics. Assists to maintain optimum gut health and digestion.

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