Auto-Retractable Dog Lead - Medium - Yellow

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An auto retractable leash is not only great to use when lead training, but for everyday for all ages.

This is because it gives you the ability to control the length of the lead at any time, keep the lead short when you are walking on the pavement and keep it long when at parks (that require your dog on lead, this means they still get more room to move but you are following the rules).

Clips on to any dog harness or lead 

Recommended for small breeds only. 


Solid handle 13cm high, 10cm wide and 2.5cm thick

Lead length = 3 metres (case part 55cm) 

Max of 12 kg



Solid handle 17cm high, 12cm wide and 3.5cm thick

Lead length = 5 metres (unretractable part 55cm)

Max of 20 kg

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