Dogwatch - A sanctuary for abandoned pound dogs.

Set on 4 acres of picturesque grounds comprising of 8 spacious kennels with heated concrete pads, 7 large exercise yards, 3 acres for dogs to run freely on twice a day and a team of dedicated volunteers to attend to all of their needs.

Where do our dogs come from?

On the 8th day at the pound, the council becomes the legal owner of any unclaimed dogs. They then have the right to destroy these dogs, but, if the staff at the pound decide that a dog should be rehomed, they contact Dogwatch to see if we have a space available.  We then go to the pound, pay the registration and chipping fee and return with the rescued dog(s) to our sanctuary. We take over the legal ownership of these dogs and they are cared for by volunteers at our purpose built Adoption Centre until they find a loving and responsible home. When a dog is adopted, more dogs are waiting at the pound for a chance to fill that kennel space.

Dogwatch is a Charitable Trust (registration number CC30434) which is fully self-funded and relies on donations, grants and legacies. Funds are also raised from the Second Hand Variety Shop in New Brighton.

For further information, to see the dogs available for adoption or to donate please go to the website