5 Signs You’re Ready to Adopt a Pet

How do you know when you’re ready to adopt a pet? Is it the feeling you get when you see kittens playing with each other? The joy of knowing you’ll help save an abandoned dog? Alternatively, is it more that you have all the supplies ready for your new pet to arrive? Today we’ll discuss five of the signs which can show you that it’s the right time for you to adopt a pet!

Is it Time to Adopt a Pet? Here Are 5 Signs Which Say Yes! 

Adopting a pet is a huge commitment, both time-wise and financially. There’s an old phrase which says, “a pet is for life, not just for Christmas.” As a responsible pet owner, you will be required to provide for your pet’s health, food, bedding and shelter. You’ll also need to take into consideration their exercise requirements and training too.

Before you head down to the local pound or SPCA, check yourself against these five signs to check if you are ready to adopt a pet or not.

  1. You’re financially ready – you have enough cash for the adoption fee, your pet’s immediate food and bedding needs, plus any required vaccinations or de-sexing. You are also confident in that you’ll have enough cash in the future to care for your pet.
  2. You’re time ready – you have the time to spend with your pet, to exercise and groom it. You are also able to spend time socialising and training your new pet.
  3. You’re commitment ready – you’re prepared to adopt a pet for life, with no going back. Your cat or dog could be with you for the next ten or more years.
  4. You’re home ready – preparing your home for a new pet arrival is important, especially if the pet is young. Make sure you take a read of our article, How to Introduce a New Pet into Your Home If you are renting, check that you are allowed to have a pet. If adopting a puppy or dog, having a fully fenced and secure section is vital too.
  5. You’re family ready – all the members of your family are on board and happy to welcome and care for a new pet. Check that no one has any allergies to animals and that everyone knows what part he or she’ll play in your new pet’s welfare.

If you’re still keep to adopt a new pet, awesome! Our online pet store has everything you need to welcome a new cat or dog into your family. Take the time to read about caring for your pet and then visit some of these rescue centres or shelters to find your new family member!

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