Keeping Your Pets Safe This Guy Fawkes

As an owner, keeping your pets safe this Guy Fawkes will be high on your priority list. We’ve all seen and heard about the horror stories about pets becoming injured or distressed by fireworks. Common signs of firework anxiety can include panting, whining, pacing, running away, hiding and shaking. While most pet owners are responsible, there’s a few who fail to make the right choices around keeping their pet safe this Guy Fawkes. So, we’d like to take the time to remind everyone about some simple Guy Fawkes safety tips you can take for your pets.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Guy Fawkes

Around 20% of all dogs suffer dreadfully from noise phobia during the fireworks season, but it’s important to realise that all our other pets do too. Rabbits, cats, birds and horses are just as vulnerable to the noise and lights of fireworks during Guy Fawkes. We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your pets safe during fireworks this Guy Fawkes:

  • Keep your pets inside, if possible – keeping your dog, cat or budgie inside won’t be a problem. A horse or a rabbit is more challenging. Instead you can turn the hutch around, so the door faces a fence and cover it with blankets to help dull the noises and lights. For a horse, ensure they are stabled for the night or are securely locked in a paddock far away from areas where fireworks will be set off.
  • Disguise the noise of fireworks – turn on a radio or your TV and close your curtains early in the evening.
  • Keep your pets in a confined space such as a crate or your bedroom – this helps to make them feel more secure and prevent injuries by running away from the noise.
  • Feed your pet early in the evening – a full tummy can make your pet feel calmer and more relaxed. It’s also a good time to bring out the cat and dog treats
  • Give your pet lots of cuddles and pats – these will help your pet feel more comfortable and reassured by knowing you are around.
  • Make sure that your cat or dog is wearing a collar with your contact details on it – should they run away, it will be much easier to reunite you both!

This Guy Fawkes Night make keeping your pets safe your top priority. Avoid having fireworks at your home and attend public displays for a more pet friendly approach this November instead.

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