Playing with A Kitten: Do’s, Don’ts & Must Haves

Playing with A Kitten: Do’s, Don’ts & Must Haves

Is there anything cuter than playing with a kitten? We don’t think so! From their funny little meows, as they pounce, to their tiny little claws grabbing onto toys, it’s great fun for everyone. Exercise helps strengthen little muscles, maintain healthy body weight and practise essential skills for when they are all grown up. While an adult cat requires at least 10-15 minutes of exercise per day, a kitten requires much more and it’s this need for play which leaves most kitten owners searching for answers. What are the best toys for playing with a kitten? Is there anything they shouldn’t do? We’re devoting this entire article to answering both these questions, and more.

Tips & Tricks on Playing with a Kitten

Like children, kittens learn through play. Also, like kids, when they’re bored, they get up to mischief. Playing with your kitten helps to build a bond between you both, keeps their mind engaged, and lets them develop the physical skills needed in adult cat-hood. Here are some tips to ensure it’s a great experience for everyone:

  • Remember your kitten is a baby – keep small objects out of reach, along with sharp object. Soft chewable cat toys work great, as done a ball of paper at the end of a piece of string.
  • Play little and often – playing is hard work for a kitten, so keep your sessions short so they can nap in between.
  • Kittens love night-time – you may be ready for bed, but your kitten is wide awake. Play with your kitten just before bedtime so they’ll be ready to sleep when you are.
  • Pouncing and chasing games are fun – let your kitten experience their internal hunter by encouraging them to chase and pounce with their toys.
  • Hide and seek – kittens love exploring, and cardboard boxes provide the ultimate forts. You could even craft some together using peepholes for little paws and bodies to sneak through.
  • Keep toys available at all times, but be sure to put some special ones away that only come out with you are playing with a kitten. This keeps your kitten engaged in play when you are around.
  • Never let your kitten play with your hands or feet – they are not toys, so keep the message clear to them right from the start.

A busy and engaged kitten is a happy kitten. The Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeder makes the perfect cat toy for when you are not around. It will keep your kitten busy (and hopefully out of mischief) as they search for hidden treats. If only there was something like this for people…


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