7 Pets on Social Media You Really Should Check Out!

We love sharing about our pets on social media! However, it’s obvious some people love doing this more than others and consequently have created social media pet stars! If you haven’t been following any pets on social media other than ones in your friend’s posts, then prepare to be amazed. There are animals out there with millions of followers and of course, lucrative financial deals for when they use their influencer skills to promote products. Come and read on to learn more about the seven most popular pets on social media!

7 of the World’s Most Popular Pets on Social Media

They’re cute, cuddly and so darn adorable! It’s no wonder we love seeing photos and videos of animals on social media. However, there are some pet owners who are so enamoured with their pets that they create social media profiles just for them. Here are seven of the most popular pets to follow on social media:

  1. Grumpy Cat – we’ve all seen his grumpy face on memes, but his owner’s say that he is the cuddliest cat ever!
  2. Nala Cat – a shelter cat, Nala has a huge following online, and even makes appearances at cat festivals for her adoring fan club to meet her in person, or should we say in cat.
  3. Doug the Pug – if you love cute dogs dressed in clothes, then check out Doug the Pug. He has plenty of outfits and wears them often.
  4. Hamlet the Piggy – take a break from the cats and dogs to check out Hamlet the Piggy! Spotted wearing sunglasses, hiding under the bed and stealing food from the bench, he’s a real character.
  5. Norbett the Dog – Norbett is very busy in his job as a therapy dog, but still takes the time to pose for cute photos for his social media accounts!
  6. Boo – take a look at one of the cutest dogs in the world: Boo! He loves chilling with his other doggy friends and as his job as an influencer, has even met celebrities such as Anderson Cooper (American journalist) and Seth Rogen (Canadian actor).
  7. Pumpkin the Raccoon – while you won’t find a raccoon as a pet here in NZ, there lives a famous one called Pumpkin with her family in the Bahamas. Pumpkin is a rescue raccoon and loves living indoors creating cuteness wherever she goes.

Do you have a favourite pet you follow on social media? Or have you ever thought about turning your pet into a social media superstar? Let us help you on the way to stardom send us your photos with your pet and a Beaver's Pet Products item and we will look to use it in advertising, blogs or Social Media posts! email us at contact@beaverspetproducts.co.nz 

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