Dog Exercise: How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Have you been feeling guilty about the lack or excess of dog exercise occurring in your home? Never fear because we are here to explain the exercise requirements your dog needs each day, plus share some tips on how to easily boost your dog’s exercise levels!

Understanding Your Dog Exercise Requirements 101

Each and every day, your dog requires exercise. The amount though varies depending on the age and breed of your dog however, with older and smaller dogs having lower exercise requirements. Exercise benefits your dog in many ways, including:

  • Toned muscles
  • Improved digestion
  • Boosted metabolic system
  • Reduce likelihood of obesity
  • Prevent boredom and destructive behaviour

As for how much dog exercise is needed for your furry friend, a good guideline to remember is 30 minutes of vigorous activity, plus one to two hours of daily movement based activities. However, this will vary depending on your dog’s breed, size, age and health levels. For instance:

  • Puppies should not be taken out for walks on leads, nor encouraged to be active for long periods. Instead playing for sort bursts of five to ten minutes with your puppy will suffice.
  • Active breeds such as Labradors, retrievers, terriers and pointers require plenty of exercise! Aim for between 60-90 minutes of exercise for these dog breeds.
  • Toy breeds, pugs and the larger breeds such as Great Danes and Newfoundlands have smaller dog exercise requirements. You should aim for around 30-60 minutes, which can vary from a slow walk around the block to a game of fetch in the back garden.

Before you begin any exercise regime with your dog, please consult with your veterinarian first. They can help you identify the type and quantity of exercise best for your dog, plus the best ways to prevent injuries and ill-health. Also ensure that the lead and collar are the right size and strength for your dog too!

Tips on Boosting Your Dog’s Exercise Levels

Ask any dog owner about which type of exercise they offer their dog and chances are walking appears high on the list. While walking is a great form of exercise for dogs and humans alike, sometimes you may both be looking for a bit of variety. Other great ways you can boost your dog’s exercise levels include:

  • Playing fetch with a ball or frisbee
  • Swimming
  • Playing with other dogs
  • Flygility
  • Hiking
  • Dog toys

You could even consider booking your pooch into a doggy day-care for a few hours a week, or hiring a dog walker to help entertain your dog when you are unavailable. Consider putting your puppy into a playpen rather than a crate, to give them more room to exercise and move around safely.

For further advice on exercising your pooch, feel free to contact our friendly team today!


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