New Zealand’s 7 Most Popular Dog Breeds

New Zealand’s 7 Most Popular Dog Breeds

If you’re on the hunt for a new dog, chances are you’re wondering what the popular dog breeds are. As an online pet store, we make it our business to keep up with news like this. So, we’ve done the research and found out what the seven most popular dog breeds in New Zealand are. We’re nice like that!

Top 7 Most Popular Dog Breeds

In New Zealand, there are a whopping 224 recognised dog breeds. These are then further categorised into seven breed groups. It is in these 224 breeds from which we can name the seven most popular dog breeds:

  1. Labrador retriever – always a favourite, especially with families. The Labrador is by nature kindly, active, friendly and easy going.
  2. German shepherd – well known as police dogs, German shepherds were originally bred as working and herding dogs.
  3. Staffordshire bull terrier – the staffy is a short, stocky dog. It ranks highly as one of the most suitable dogs for families with children, is eager to please and highly intelligent.
  4. English bulldog – with a squished looking face and a tendency to snuffle, the English bulldog is a muscular, medium-sized
  5. Golden retriever – friendly and active, Golden retrievers make great family pets, but can be challenging to train!
  6. Border collie – an incredibly active dog, the Border collie was breed as a herder. It loves to work and becomes bored easily, requiring regular exercise and stimulation on a daily basis.
  7. French bulldog – traditionally not a popular choice, the French bulldog’s popularity is due to a lot of what’s fashionable in the world of pets at the current time.

In 2014, an American study showed that the release of movies with dogs increased the popularity of that breed. Sadly in New Zealand, we’ve also found that to be true in a way. There’s been a large increase in huskies being abandoned, correlating with the popular TV show Game of Thrones featuring a husky.

However, with popular dog breeds come popular dog names! Next, we look at what names owners around the country are calling their dogs!

New Zealand’s Most Popular Dog Names

Each year, the most popular dog names of registered dogs are released from around the country by local councils. There tend to be some names which appear regularly, with others popping up due to current events, movies and personalities. Some of the most popular dog names we’ve found are Max Charlie, Buddy, Jack, Rocky. Bella, Bear, Cooper and Roxy. However, when naming your dog, the most important thing is that it’s easy to pronounce!

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