How to Pick the Right Sized Dog Collar

Every pooch needs their own dog collar! Not only is it a great form of identification should they go wandering, but they’re also required for walking on a leash! The biggest difficulty owners have in buying a dog collar is selecting the right size for their pet. So today, we’re going to explain how to measure your dog for their new collar, plus explain the main differences between collars to help you make the right choice.

Measuring Your Pooch for Their Dog Collar

Ideally, your dog’s collar should be snug fitting, but allow you to fit two fingers between their neck and the collar. To achieve the best fit, it’s important to buy the size collar they need now, not what they’ll need in the future. This requires that you measure their neck and here’s how to do it:

  • Using a measuring tape, place the tape around their next approximately 2 inches below their head.
  • Keep the tape snug and check that you can still fit two fingers underneath the tape next to their neck.
  • Make sure you take your dog’s fur into consideration, especially if they grow a thick winter coat!

Choosing the Right Collar Type for Your Dog

Once you know the right size, next you’ll need to choose the type of collar. There are a few different types, including:

  • Buckle collar – the traditional dog collar, it has holes which the buckle slides into.
  • Quick release buckle collar – easy to get on and off, ideal for dogs with larger heads and as an everyday collar. It is adjustable through its strap and buckle
  • Centre or safety ring collar – ideal for hunting dogs or ones which often get into mischief! It has a central O-ring which gives an extra pivot point to help if the collar gets stuck on something.
  • Martingale collar – for dogs who slip their collars often or have smaller necks. Helps prevent leash pulling and hair knotting around their neck.

Most dogs will be fine with either a buckle or side release collar. Be sure to take the collar’s width into consideration. A smaller dog requires a narrower collar, just like if you had a small wrist, a narrow watch strap would be the most comfortable.

Ordering the Correct Sized Dog Collar

There is no standard sizing for pet products. All brands and manufacturers use their own sizing guides. So it is important to check the measurements within each listing. This is where it’s important to check that you select the collar which has the closest measurements to your dog’s neck. For example, if your Golden Retriever has a neck measurement of 50cm, then the large size (for the majority of our collars) would be best. 

If you’d like help selecting the right-sized collar for your dog, send us a message with their neck measurement and breed, and we’ll recommend a collar for your dog!

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