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Ruff n Tuff Canvas Pet Crate - Grey

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* Zip Locks - to stop the ability to get a claw between zips and maneuver it open

* Clips and Straps placed for a secure fit in the car using your seat belt.


Are you tired of flimsy pet crates that just can't handle your furry friend's energy? Look no further! Our Ruff n Tuff Canvas Crate is here to provide the premium quality and durability your pet deserves.

Premium Quality 600D Water Resistant Fabric: Don't settle for inferior fabric! Our Ruff n Tuff canvas crates are crafted with the highest quality 600D Nylon Oxford Fabric with PVC coating, ensuring exceptional water resistance and toughness. With rounded corners made of 1000D fabric.

Built to Last with Stronger Fabric: Our pet crates boast a density of 150T and an impressive weight of 200GSM, making them stronger and more durable than those made from polyester. 

Versatile Design for Multiple Uses: Whether you need a crate for crate training, birthing/whelping, surgery recovery, camping kennel, or just a cozy bed indoors, our heavy-duty dog crate has got you covered.

Unmatched Comfort and Ventilation: The three-entry design with strong zips allows easy in and out access from the top, side, and end. And with curtains on three sides and the top, your pet can have privacy when needed while still enjoying adequate ventilation from the front.

Safety and Easy Storage: Our Ruff n Tuff Canvas Crate features a durable powder-coated 19mm diameter steel frame that's both sturdy and collapsible. You can fold and unfold it in seconds, and it's easy to store when not in use. 

Your pet deserves the best, and that's exactly what you'll get with our Ruff n Tuff Canvas Crate. Upgrade your pet's living space today and experience the difference in quality, durability, and comfort. Don't wait! Order your Canvas Crate now and give your pet the sanctuary they deserve.

1 Durable powder coated 19mm diameter steel frame, easy to fold and unfold in seconds. Collapsible for easy storage. 
2 600D water resistant oxford nylon fabric, rounded corners with 1000D fabric
3. Zip Locks
4. Great for indoor/outdoor use and crate training Injection moulded plastic frame lock
5. Reversible base pad with warm fleece and cooling water resistant polyester
6. Clips and Straps for ease and secure fit in car, using the cars seat belt
7. Curtains that can prevent from sun and wind and give your pet privacy when needed on three sides and the top. Leaving adequate ventilation on the front without curtains.
8. 3-entry design, easy in and out, top, side and end. Strong zips giving you access.

Crate Sizes:
Small Size: 495mm Long x 345mm Wide x 345mm High
Medium Size: 600mm Long x 420mm Wide x 420mm High
Large Size: 700mm Long x 520mm Wide x 520 mm High
XLarge Size: 813mm Long x 584mm Wide x 584mm High
2XL Size: 914mm Long x 635mm Wide x 635mm High
3XLarge Size: 1020mm Long x 690mm Wide x 690mm High
4XLarge Size: 1220mm Long x 790mm Wide x 790mm High