Cat Care Rangiora

Cat Care Rangiora

We comprise a handful of local people concerned for the wellbeing of unwanted, stray and feral cats in the Rangiora area and, while we are not formally connected with Christchurch Cats Protection, we work along very much the same lines and in co-operation with them.

We do not provide a sanctuary, and cats awaiting new homes are fostered singly and in small groups by members and other volunteers.

Caring for the otherwise homeless - and possibly sick - cats can be costly and, while we do some direct fund-raising, we are also dependent to a greater extent on the generosity of donors, especially those who take our animals into their own homes. We therefore have to make a charge for any cat or kitten we re-home; in the case of small kittens this will include a voucher for free spaying or neutering at a local vet. All adult cats re-homed will have been neutered where necessary, prior to re-homing.

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