Ember is an exuberant Border Collie with striking red and white coloring. She's a bundle of boundless energy, always ready for an adventure or a game of fetch. With her lively and spirited personality, Ember never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those lucky enough to be around her.

Embers fit:

Ruff N Tuff Crates

- XXL upwards. An XL maybe ok for short car rides but she definitely preferred going up.

Ruff N Tuff Handle Harness

- Medium was the best fit. However, a Large at its tightest setting also fit.

Ruff N Tuff Soft Harness

- She can just fit in to the Large of this small breed harness. It is at its loosest possible setting, but fits well. Just note the velcro around the neck on this design isnt made for her weight class, Ember doesnt pull so it is fine, but if your similar sized pup does we definitely recommend the Handle Harness over the Soft Harness. 

Nylon & Reflective Dog Collars

- Medium are a good fit. 

Blue Flower Dog Collar

- Perfect fit.