Allow us to introduce Sophie, the heartwarming Beagle who holds a special place in a family's home. Sophie is not just any dog; she's an integral part of a household that includes three loving human siblings. Together, they share countless joyful moments, making Sophie an adored family member who brings boundless love and cheer to all.

Sophie fit:

Ruff N Tuff Crates

- Large upwards

Ruff N Tuff Handle Harness

- Large is the best fit for Sophie. It is on its tightest setting, but the width of the soft body is better suited for her shape. 

Ruff N Tuff Soft Harness

- She can just fit in to the Large of this small breed harness. It is at its loosest possible setting, and just squeezes on. Just note the velcro around the neck on this design isnt made for her weight class. We would recommend the Handle Harness over this design for Sophie. 

Nylon & Reflective Dog Collars

- Large nearing its tightest setting is the best fit. 

Blue Flower Dog Collar

- Perfect fit.