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Quality Red Dog Backpack - Small

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SKU: BPP00030

This is for a small

Great for around town, the dog park or smaller tramps. Padding on the interior to ensure as comfortable as possible feel for your dog.

The dog back pack is great for that dog with endless energy, add some weight to the bag before a walk. Not only should it make them a bit calmer on the lead but will help use all that excess energy (please ensure you are careful with the weight, too much and you could do some serious permanent damage).

There are three adjustable straps, one around the neck and two around the belly to ensure it fits snug.

A zip storage unit on each side that also has reflective strips for extra safety.

Please note these are a new product for us and I have measured to the best of my ability. I will update with breed/size feedback from customers as they come in.

Back width = 8-10cm (how far apart the bags are)
Belly straps = 50-63cm
Bags = 16cm long, 12cm high & 6cm deep


Back width = 15-22cm (how far apart the bags are)
Belly straps = 92-120cm
Bags = 35cm long, 22cm high & 9cm deep