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Playmate Traveller Metal Dog Crate X Large

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SKU: PR215

Suitable for dogs up to 50kg.

Size: 107 x 74 x 83cm.

• Great for training pets
• Double door – one on the front, and one on the side
• Folds for easy storage
• Plenty of airflow
• Ideal for traveling to vets, kennels, etc.
• Durable, high quality steel, corrosion resistant coating.

up to 10kg. 61 x 42 x 52cm (Small)
up to 18kg. 78 x 52 x 59cm (Medium)
up to 25kg. 91 x 59 x 66cm (Large)
up to 50kg. 107 x 74 x 83cm (X Large)

This heavy duty steel wire pet crate could be used for many different reasons, e.g.
Crate training, Birthing/whelping, Surgery recovery, Camping kennel, Bed for inside,
Car crates for dog transportation, Indoor dog kennels, puppy cage, kittens and cats